still life

The ordinary life of a robot – a new project

I want to tell you about the ordinary life of a small (or if it is large) robot. And I don’t mean the working ordinary life, because I know little or non of that, but the ordinary life. The ordinary life that a robot dreams about or would dream about if they could. For me this is a  Eureka-moment. And with those come a lot of questions like: Do machines have a life? Clearly they have. But do they have a consciousness? Do they know that they have a life, a beginning and an end, a purpose? Do they have feelings? Dreams? Or are they just machines with only one purpose: to work for us.

You can the see the start of the project on the project page: “A robot dreaming of an ordinary life?“. You can read more about the project in the blogpost I have published on Stuckinplastic – Is there a story for me to tell?