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Why CClones? – Why not Troopers, or just Clones…

My photo-project with still life started with me borrowing my sons Clone-troopers toys. I wanted to make pictures of toys that we could share on the Internet. And for those who know me, they know that Creative Commons is near to my heart. So when I was naming the project it was natural to call it CClones. The name CClones were CC stands for Creative Commons is my way to contribute to the idea of Creative Commons and to tell the world that I believe in the idea of sharing.

I believe in Creative Commons because I think it’s important that the culture, the knowledge, the science that we explore and create today, is available to those who lives today. I think it’s important that our knowledge, our culture is free, or at least can be shared freely. I don’t think that we have anything to gain be locking in our knowledge, and I believe in the Internet and the potential of using Internet to sharing what we create. Creative Commons makes this possible.

I share my work under Creative Commons licenses. And that is why my work with troopers, is called CClones, and not clones, or just troopers.